Wok of Love (2018)
  • Directors: 朴宣昊
  • 集数 Episodes: 40 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:07/05/2018 - ??

油膩的浪漫 (2018)

Wok of Love,기름진 멜로,油腻的浪漫,Gireumjin Mello,Greasy Melo

戲劇 Drama , Food , Romance , 韓國戲劇 Korean | 第19集


《油膩的愛情》(韓語:기름진멜로,英語:Wok of Love),為韓國SBS於2018年5月7日起播出的月火連續劇,由《奇怪的搭檔》朴善浩導演執導與《嫉妒的化身》徐淑香作家合作打造。此劇講述了3個男女比熱炒鍋裡的油更火熱的生存、飲食和愛情的故事。

編 劇: 徐淑香
導 演: 朴善浩
主 演: 張 赫 / 鄭麗媛 / 李俊昊

The series will take place in a Chinese restaurant. Chef Seo Poong, a chef who goes from being a star chef one day to the cook at a failing neighborhood Chinese restaurant the next.
Dan Sae Woo, meaning “sweet shrimp”, lives a life of privilege and leisure—she accepted no gifts on her wedding day because her father gave her a check for 300 million won, and she enjoys horseback riding and fencing.Her greatest moment in life happens to coincide with a random bowl of jajangmyun, which leads her to undergo a big change and begin a new life.
Wok of Love (2018)
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编剧 Cast

Kang Rae Yeon Support Role
Cha Joo Young Support Role
Tae Hang Ho Support Role
Oh Eui Shik Support Role
Im Won Hee Support Role
Seo Sook Hyang Screenwriter
Cha In Ha Support Role
Choi Won Myung Support Role
Lee Ki Hyuk Support Role
Jo Jae Yun Support Role
Hong Yoon Hwa Support Role
Jang Hee Ryung Support Role
Kim Sa Kwon Support Role
Lee Gi Young Support Role
Lee Mi Sook Support Role
Kim Hyun Joon Support Role
Park Ji Young Support Role
Jang Hyuk Main Role
Lee Jun Ho Main Role
Jung Ryeo Won Main Role

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