The Drug Hunter (2018)
  • Directors: 天毅
  • 集数 Episodes: 50 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:06/07/2018 - ??

獵毒人 (2018)

The Drug Hunter,CN180706D,绝不放手,Lie Du Ren

戲劇 Drama , Crime , 大陸戲劇 Chinese | 第22集


【主演 】於和偉/張丹峰/侯夢莎/傅程鵬/徐洪浩/吳秀波/徐崢/侯勇
【導演 】天毅
【類型 】劇情/動作/懸疑/驚悚/犯罪
【首播 】2018年07月06日
【集數 】50集
【簡介 】《獵毒人》該劇講述了高智商、高學歷的化學工程師呂雲鵬,因親情觸發,只身前往西南邊陲,在禁毒幹警的保駕護航下,潛伏進入黑暗艱險的販毒網路之中,與形形色色的毒販鬥智斗勇,一路追查幕後黑手,直搗金三角販毒集團楚門的核心,經歷九死一生,最終配合警方將楚門連根拔起,成為一名功勛卧底的故事。

A story revolving around an engineer who is motivated by family as he infiltrates a large crime syndicate in the Golden Triangle.
Lu Yun Peng (Yu He Wei) is a college professor with high IQ and high credentials. His older brother, a cop, is killed while working on a case and his nephew also became a target of the drug ring. In order to take revenge, Li Yun Peng sets his ownplans in motion. His brother's colleague, Jiang Ya Nan, tries to talk him out of it but he refuses to listen. Yun Peng crosses paths with a drug trafficker named Yin Ta and devises a way to become his savior. The move pays off as Yin Ta is revealed to have connections with a druglord which gains Yun Peng entry into the Golden Triangle. At the same time, Jiang Ya Nan is sent on a mission to bring down the criminals...
The Drug Hunter (2018)
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编剧 Cast

Wang Jin Song Support Role
Xu Zheng Support Role
Wu Xiu Bo Support Role
Liu Xiao Feng Support Role
Wu Yue Support Role
Ma Qiu Zi Support Role
Hou Meng Sha Main Role
Zhang Andy Main Role
Yu He Wei Main Role
Hou Yong Guest Role
Liu Vivienne Guest Role
Tsang Kenneth Guest Role

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