My First Love (2018)
  • 集数 Episodes: 10 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:08/01/2018 -06/02/2018

操心 (2018)

My First Love,Longing Heart,애간장,KR180108

戲劇 Drama , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Mystery , Romance , 韓國戲劇 Korean | 第10集


The original source material is a fantasy-mystery rom-com webtoon that was released from May 2015 to June 2016, with a time-slip element (this is probably the fifty-bajillionth one so far). A man named Shin Woo regrets letting his first love go ten years ago because he didn’t have the courage to confess. However, he gets the chance to win her again when he travels back in time, and this time he’s armedwith the knowledge that she liked him back then too. Unfortunately, he has a pretty strong competitor: himself from ten years ago. The present Shin Woo and the past Shin-woo engage in a fierce (and probably funny) rivalry to win their love’s heart.

《操心》(韓語:애간장,英語:My First Love),為韓國OCN於2018年1月8日起播出的月火連續劇,由《Happy Sisters》閔延弘導演執導與樸加妍作家合作打造。此劇講述在十年間對初戀無法忘懷的男主角,突然穿越時空回到了十年前,遇見年少的自己,並與他展開一場命運爭鬥的故事。
My First Love (2018)
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