Lady Meng is Here (2018)
  • Directors: 邹集城
  • 集数 Episodes: 36 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:08/06/2018 - ??

萌妃駕到 (2018)

Lady Meng is Here,萌妃驾到,Meng Fei Jia Dao,CN180608D

戲劇 Drama , Comedy , Historical , Romance , 大陸戲劇 Chinese | 第19集



A story revolving around the mischievous Concubine Meng who starts out at odds with the King but falls in love with him in the process.

Bu Meng is the daughter of a prominent public official during the Sui Dynasty. After entering the palace, she is exposed to the lies and intrigues surrounding the imperial family. Unwilling to have her fate decided by others, she pretends to be perpetually ill. Her time atthe palace allows her to meet Concubine Yan who is clever and resourceful, Concubine Qu who's a crybaby, a glutton and a romantic and Concubine Xiao, a skilled martial artist who hails from a clan of generals. The four become fast friends and sisters in the inner palace.

Because of constant disagreements with Bu Meng's father, the King decides to let off some steam by picking a bone with Bu Meng one day but unexpectedly becomes attracted to her unique personality. He starts to purposely create opportunities for them to meet that are brushed away by Bu Meng who tries to avoid him as much as possible. Not until a chance encounter outside the palace does she begin to see the King's many good and lovable sides...
Lady Meng is Here (2018)
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编剧 Cast

Kuang Can Support Role
Liu Guan Lin Support Role
Jin Chen Main Role
Wang Jiro Main Role

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