Kuragehime (2018)
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海月姬 (2018)

Kuragehime,Princess Jellyfish,Jellyfish Princess,くらげひめ,海月姫,JP180115

戲劇 Drama , Comedy , Life , Romance , Youth , 日本戲劇 Japan | 第10集


本剧改编自东村明子创作的同名漫画,女主角仓下月海(芳根京子 饰)是一名热爱水母的宅女,为了实现成为插画家的梦想而来到了东京。在名为“天水馆”的老旧公寓里,她结识了一群和她一样有着小众爱好且不擅与人交往的御宅族朋友。
某一天,为了拯救一只水母,月海结识了像公主一般闪闪发光的伪娘鲤渊藏之介(濑户康史 饰),于是,宅女与伪娘的故事就此展开……

20-year-old Kurashita Tsukimi became entranced by jellyfishes at an aquarium that her late mother brought her to during her childhood. She comes to Tokyo from Kagoshima with dreams of becoming an illustrator. However, she avoids contact with the outside world together with a group of female geeks who call themselves the Ama-zu. The Ama-zu only immerse in their own world. They regard fashionable people as natural enemies and say they do notneed men in their lives. Tsukimi is enjoying life when a pair of siblings show up before her. Koibuchi Kuranosuke, the younger brother, is a cross-dressing male who appears to be a very beautiful woman but actually is a handsome playboy. Shu, the older brother, is the secretary to their father who is an influential Diet lawmaker and has not had any experience with females. Tsukimi becomes aware of romance with the two of them and a love triangle develops.
Kuragehime (2018)
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编剧 Cast

Kato Koyuki Support Role
Tomiyama Eriko Support Role
Uchida Rio Support Role
Matsui Rena Support Role
Kinami Haruka Support Role
Kudo Asuka Support Role
Seto Koji Main Role
Yoshine Kyoko Main Role

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