Hanbun, Aoi (2018)
  • 集数 Episodes: 156 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:02/04/2018 -29/09/2018

一半 藍色 (2018)

Hanbun, Aoi,半分、青い。,JP180402D,半分,青蓝。

戲劇 Drama , Drama , Family , Historical , Life , Romance , 日本戲劇 Japan | 第18集


《一半,藍色。 》(日語:半分、青い。)為NHK於2018年4月2日至2018年9月29日播出的第98部晨間小說連續劇。時間是1971年的岐阜,楡野家產下了他們家第一個小女嬰,取名為鈴愛(永野芽鬱飾);而同一天同一間醫院,萩尾家的小男嬰也誕生了,取名為阿律(佐藤健飾),這造就了這兩人一生的不解之緣。過了9年,小學三年級的鈴愛仍然與阿律是青梅竹馬,但鈴愛活潑好動,阿律冷靜聰明。然而過了不久,鈴愛的左耳因為腮腺炎而失去聽覺,但是她不以為意,...

編 劇: 北川悅吏子
導 演: 田中健二 / 土井祥平 / 橋爪紳一朗
主 演: 永野芽鬱

In 1971, the year after the Osaka Exposition, a girl called Nireno Suzume is born to the owners of a small-town eatery in Gifu Prefecture. At first, she is a healthy child who runs around the hills and fields every day, but in elementary school, she becomes deaf in one ear due to illness. Despite this, her loving parents and childhood friend Ritsu, born on the same day at the same hospital,give her encouragement. After graduating from high school, Suzume sets her sights on writing manga for girls with her unique creative powers and leaves for Tokyo. Put through training by her teacher Akikaze Haori, she tries hard to improve herself by learning from fellow assistants and devoting herself to studying. Suzume gets married and has a daughter, but the family finances are dire. She ends up divorcing her husband who is a dreamer. The bubble economy suddenly bursts and an economic recession begins. After repeated failure, Suzume returns to her hometown as a single mother. What awaits her will become an unexpected turning point in her life...
Hanbun, Aoi (2018)
JP180402DHanbunAoi半分、青い。, JP180402D, 半分,青蓝。 線上看 簡介, Hanbun, Aoi 線上看 第1集第2集第3集第4集第5集, 半分、青い。, JP180402D, 半分,青蓝。 第5集, 第6集, 第7集, 第8集, 第9集, 第10集, Hanbun, Aoi cantonese dub, Hanbun, Aoi chinese subtitle 第11集, 第12集, 第13集, 第14集, 第15集, Hanbun, Aoi 第16集, 第17集, 第18集, 第19集, 第20集, 一半 藍色 線上看 簡介 第21集, 第22集, 第23集, 第24集, 第25集, 第26集, 第27集, 第28集, 第29集, 第30集, 第31集, 第32集, 第33集, 第34集, 第35集, Hanbun, Aoi 楓林網, 一半 藍色 枫林网, 半分、青い。, JP180402D, 半分,青蓝。 繁體中文, Hanbun, Aoi free watch online, watch 半分、青い。, JP180402D, 半分,青蓝。 drama

编剧 Cast

Igawa Haruka Support Role
Shison Jun Support Role
Yamoto Yuma Support Role
Nakamura Tomoya Support Role
Kitagawa Eriko Screenwriter
Doi Shohei Director
Toyokawa Etsushi Support Role
Seino Nana Support Role
Takito Kenichi Support Role
Fubuki Jun Support Role
Harada Tomoyo Support Role
Tanihara Shosuke Support Role
Rokkaku Seiji Support Role
Hirooka Yuriko Support Role
Takagi Wataru Support Role
Iketani Nobue Support Role
Nao Support Role
Kamimura Kaisei Support Role
Yo Kimiko Support Role
Furuhata Seika Support Role
Nagano Mei Main Role
Sato Takeru Main Role

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