Cross (2018)
  • 集数 Episodes: 16 Episodes
  • 首播 Broadcast Period:29/01/2018 -20/03/2018

크로스 (2018)

Cross,Cross: God's Gift,Keuroseu,크로스,KR180129

戲劇 Drama , Medical , Mystery , 韓國戲劇 Korean | 第16集


《Cross》讲述怀着复仇之心进入了监狱医务室的天才医生姜仁奎(高庚杓 饰)与阻止其杀人的医生高正勋(曹在显 饰)在生死岔路口发生的故事。

A man becomes a doctor that uses medical practices to kill in order to get revenge on the person who brutally murdered his father.
Cross (2018)
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编剧 Cast

Woo Hyun Support Role
Jang Gwang Support Role
Yoo Seung Mok Support Role
Yang Jin Sung Support Role
Heo Sung Tae Support Role
Seo Woo Jin Support Role
Kim Ji Han Support Role
Go Kyung Pyo Main Role
Jun So Min Main Role
Jo Jae Hyun Main Role


Trailer 크로스 - Cross

  • Trailer 크로스 - Cross

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